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Our investments in state-of-the-art fully computerized machinery has consistently increased our productivity, allowing us to lower our production cost for our work, without any compromise in quality. Technology has in fact helped us perfect the overall quality of our end product.

Our world-class, Italian-made marble and granite fabrication equipment includes the following:

(1) Automatic Slab Polishing Machine: TERZAGO L18
(1) Manual Slab Polishing Machine: SSC Radial Arm
(2) Bridge Saw Cutting Machines: Spider BRETON FR 800 PC
(1) Curved (BN, etc) Edge Profiling Machine: CMG Taurus-100
(1) Straight Edge Polishing Machine: Marmomeccanica LCV 711M
(1) Exotic (OG, etc) Edge Profiling Machine: BRETON Golden Edge CTX
(2) CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machines: BRETON NC260

How safe and GREEN are we?

We are the ONLY company in Chicago in our industry that has voluntarily done what others dread:

We invited OSHA to our plant to do an inspection! And we passed their inspection with flying colors! Our workers are protected against noise, dust and excessive weight lifting. We basically run a safe and accident free environment.

Our water is fully recycled and reused through a fully automated mini plant that helps us preserve our water resources to the absolute minimum.
(1) Water Recycling unit: SABA WPR FP

Our air is kept clean by confining dust to an securely enclosed area where air is water filtered and dust is contained, recycled and eliminated.
(1) Dust Recycling unit: ITALMECC Airbox